Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Where is the difference between X-SPIN Tournament and Freestyle wedges?

In addition to the grooves X-SPIN Tournament wedges have a laser milled surface with extreme spin compared with a regular wedge, X-SPIN Freestyle in addition to the grooves a cast milled surface to generate maximum Spin. You can find an overview of the main differences here.

2. Are SmithWorks X-SPIN wedges legal for any tournament play?

The X-SPIN Tournament wedges are fully R&A and USGA approved and on the conforming list for all sanctioned events. You can check both listings here: R&A and USGA. The tournament wedges sold on the European market are the wedges labelled "Proto 001 Elite X".

The X-SPIN Freestyle Wedges have not been submitted to the R&A and USGA for official approval. Since there is no difference to the certified tournament wedges except for the deeper "X" grooves, the freestyle wedges can be played in handicap-effective tournaments in accordance with the current R&A and USGA rules in leisure and amateur sports (until at least 2024), if the “Modal Local Rule G-2” is not applied. Modal Local Rule G-2 "Specifications for Groove and Punch Marks": Until at least 2024, it is recommended that this local rule be applied only to competitions limited to highly skilled players (i.e., professional and elite amateur competitions). However, a committee may adopt a local rule requiring players to use only clubs that meet all specifications of the current equipment rules (from 2010). In this case, the "Freestyle" wedges would not be allowed to be played in this tournament, only the "Tournament" wedges.

3. How do I find the right wedge for me?

If you not sure which wedge is the most suitable one for you, just start our Wedge Wizard. It will ask you a few simple questions and automatically guide you to the appropriate wedge for your short game.

You can find an overview of the wedge distances of the respective models and lofts here.

4. How do I find the right putter for me?

There are many types of putters that you don't know if they are right for you or which technique and design best suits your swing type. To understand the key differences and find the putter that suits you best, check out our putter guide page.

5. How do I care for my Rolas RB brass putter?

The face of our Rolas RB putter series is milled from a solid piece of brass. Basically, you should clean your putter with a club towel after every use and put the included head cover over the putter before putting it back into your bag. Over time, however, dirt and grease may build up on the brass, causing it to tarnish. For some golfers, it is the patina that gives a brass club its special charm, and they therefore want to leave it untouched. If you want to restore the shine to your brass putter, there are many cleaning methods that require only a few household items (such as baking soda or citric acid). For stubborner dullness and deposits, you can also use a commercial brass cleaner (e.g. for jewellery) to make the brass face shine again without scratching or damaging the surface.

6. What is the difference between the X-SPIN model names Elite and Tournament and between Extreme and Freestyle?

There is no difference because they are identical in construction but have different names in the respective sales areas. The Elite wedges correspond to the Tournament wedges and the Extreme wedges correspond to the Freestyle wedges.

7. Why doesn't SmithWorks offer graphite shafts for the wedges?

With a full wedge shot, a pitch or chip, it is important to have optimum length and directional control when approaching the green. To make this possible, the shaft of a wedge should twist as little as possible and the entire swing weight should be aligned with the club head. KBS and SmithWorks have jointly developed a steel shaft that optimally combines these properties. If you were to use a graphite shaft, not only would the weight distribution not be balanced, but the stability would also not be given. The leading manufacturers therefore offer their wedges almost exclusively with steel shafts.

8. When should I replace my wedges?

Throughout most of your bag, you can get away with changing clubs every few years or so. However, a golf wedge will lose it’s performance a lot quicker through continued usage. Different factors dictate the rate of that decline in performance. These include:

1. How often you play.
2. How much you use your wedges each round.
3. You may have a go to wedge for around the greens and bunkers, this wedge will wear out the quickest.
4. Do you practice with your wedges? This will accelerate the demise in performance. Hitting harder cover range balls will wear down the edge of the grooves over time.
5. Course Conditions: A sandy soil course will cause more damage to your head, as will a lot of bunker play.

Your wedges may look fine minus the odd scratch or two or dirt in the grooves, but they may not be delivering maximum spin. Advice from experts advise that you should inspect your wedges for groove wear every 60-70 rounds. Start by inspecting the overall physical condition of the wedge and groove.

9. What signs tell me to replace my old wedges?

1. The grooves and face look worn.
2. Grooves loose deepness and profile.
3. Shots will begin to go higher.
4. They will spin less when landing.
5. No check on first or second bounce.
6. Roll more on the greens.
7. Become difficult and unpredictable to play in wet or damp conditions.
8. Have less control in distance, less control in different greenside lies i.e. rougher grass, become less manageable and ultimately less fun.

Advice from notes that if you are serious about your equipment, and want to maintain peak performance, it might make sense to consider swapping out your wedges every 12-36 months depending on how often you play, practice, and the durability of the material.

10. Why do SmithWorks X-SPIN wedges keep the performance longer?

SmithWorks Tournament Wedges are built to the limit of approved conformity and have a ceramic blasted face which keep the newness of the head longer. The Vertical Balance of all our heads help retain performance even when the grooves are becoming tired. SmithWorks Freestyle heads will keep giving great performance even after significant use. The face milling of SmithWorks wedges is not cnc’d or lasered into the head, it is actually cast into the head and will take the wear and tear of regular practice. This means SmithWorks wedges will play for much longer and still produce control, lower launch and spin in all conditions, significantly longer than any other wedge on the market.

11. How can I extend the life of my wedges?

To prolong the life of your wedges you should consider the following:
1. Make sure that the hitting surface of your wedges in your bag is not exposed to continuous friction from other rattling clubs.
2. Clean your wedges and ball with a brush or golf towel after every shot. Dirt on the clubface not only affects your swing, but can also damage the hitting surface of your wedges.

12. Are SmithWorks X-SPIN wedges suitable for Women or Men?

The wedges are suitable and developed for women and men. Both the standardized grip strength and the comfortable swing weight always ensure a controlled feel around the greens. Gender-specific differences in width can be balanced out by choosing the loft.

13. What does Vertical Balance technology mean?

Most clubs are heel-toe weighted to straighter shots on off-centre hits. On a wedge, it is more important to have distance control, so the weighting is low-to-high making the distance tolerance tighter on off-centre hits.

14. Can you make a customized wedge, length, loft or grip?

Unfortunately we don`t offer this services but a lot of Pro-Shops and Head-Pros will do this locally for you. The original grips in midsize version can be ordered as accessories in our webshop.

15. Who designed SmithWorks X-SPIN wedges?

Stuart Smith PGA has over 40+ years experience in Golf, both as a tour player and golf head design. Stuart has designed clubs for some of the leading manufacturers and also coached some of the best short game players ever. Notably Seve, Olazabal and Miguel Jimenez.

16. Which countries does SmithWorks Europe ship to and how long does delivery take?

We ship Europe wide from the middle of Germany by DHL. The regular lead time for the shipment will be around 1-3 working days. Self-pickup in the warehouse of Germany is possible due working days and time. Please ask before you order. All orders are fully tracked and insured for loss.

17. Where is the relationship between SmithWorks UK and SmithWorks Europe?

SmithWorks Europe is responsible for Europe, Switzerland and Turkey with an own warehouse in central of Germany. All other countries outside this territory are served by SmithWorks UK. The products are mostly identically but together we can guarantee faster deliveries and better service to the local markets of our customers.

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