When should wedges be replaced?

Throughout most of your bag, you can get away with changing clubs every few years or so. However, a golf wedge will lose it’s performance a lot quicker through continued usage. Different factors dictate the rate of that decline in performance. These include: 1. How often you play. 2. How much you use your wedges each round. 3. You may have a go to wedge for around the greens and bunkers, this wedge will wear out the quickest. 4. Do you practice with your wedges? This will accelerate the demise in performance. Hitting harder cover range balls will wear down the edge of the grooves over time. 5. Course Conditions: A sandy soil course will cause more damage to your head, as will a lot of bunker play.

What color of the club head?

Club head in black
Club head in satin
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