X-SPIN Wedges with 52 degrees loft

Make the short game to your best game!

This picture shows carbon steel

Material & Manufacturing

SmithWorks attaches great importance to quality and a long service life. The racket heads are made of super-soft, stainless 304 carbon steel and are given the perfect finish for more adhesion thanks to a special ceramic blasting technique. The CNC milled tour sole and the steel shaft developed together with KBS are perfectly matched to the wedges.
This picture shows X-Spin

X-Spin & X-Face

Tournament wedges have in addition to the grooves a laser milled X-face and generate extreme spin on the ball compared to normal wedges. Tournament wedges have been specially designed and developed for the tournament player.

Freestyle wedges on the other hand have in addition to the grooves a cast milled X-face and generate maximum spin compared to normal wedges on the ball. Freestyle wedges are particularly suitable for training and recreational golf.
This picture shows Vertical Balance

Vertical Balance

SmithWorks wedges have a high center of gravity that is achieved through the weight distribution of the head, the sole and the shortened hosel. This vertical balance technology ensures a more stable and constant shot overall and automatically generates more spin on the ball due to the higher center of gravity.
This picture shows control

Control & Precision

In the combination of material and technology used, the wedges are extremely forgiving, guarantee optimal swing-through on any surface and ensure excellent length control caused by the higher spin. The larger sweet spot also leads to less scatter, even on off-center hits.
This picture shows tounament admissions

Tournament Admissions

Tournament wedges are certified by the R&A and USGA and may be played in any sanctioned tournament event.

Freestyle wedges are identical in construction, except the depth of the X-Grooves, but have not been submitted to the R&A or USGA for official approval in elite events You can find more information on this in our FAQ.

SmithWorks wedges generate extreme spin on the ball compared to regular wedges, increase control and precision around the greens, enlarge the constancy of your good shots and improve your short game with better tournament results and a lower handicap. The 52 degrees wedges are available in the colors satin or black for right-handers and left-handers as well as in the approved versions "Tournament" for professional sport and "Freestyle" for recreational and amateur golfers.


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