Product Test Smithworks Wedges: The Spin-Master!
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Product Test Smithworks Wedges: The Spin-Master!

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Jens Albrecht has tested our Tournament Wedges for 123Golfsport and of course we would like to share this test report with you.

When it's time to change wedges, it doesn't always have to be the material from the big brand manufacturers. Instead, it can be worth testing the products from Smithworks, which promise maximum spin. Can they live up to expectations?

Strokes around the green are particularly important, as this is the area where the points are ultimately made. The Smithworks company has meanwhile made a name for itself with its wedges. The company offers two types: the Freestyle Wedges and the Tournament Wedges. The Tournament Wedges are certified by the R&A and the USGA, so that they can be used in any sanctioned event. Both are characterised by a special design of the clubface, which brings maximum spin to the ball when hitting it. That's the theory.

Since I am planning to change my wedges, I chose a lob wedge with 60 degrees for a test. This wedge is the club I use most often into the green from a distance of 80 metres or less. Therefore, it is particularly important to me personally that the ball "bites" quickly after landing on the green.

Super-X Groove Design brings maximum spin

SmithWorks has developed the Super-X Groove design for this purpose. This is characterised by the fact that in addition to the normal grooves on clubface, small X-grooves are also milled in. This ensures maximum spin of the ball.

In addition, the grooves extend over the entire clubface. Completely different from most other wedges. This creates maximum confidence already when you're addressing the ball, as the clubface and thus also the sweet spot are enlarged (not only visually). The slightly thicker top line also leads to a higher centre of gravity.

With my previous lob wedge from a well-known manufacturer, I always had to come to the ball steeply or turn the clubface up a bit for distances that were extremely short and high to play in order to generate an immediate stop of the ball on landing.

We all know: When I turn up the clubface, I have to perform this stroke courageously so that the ball flight does not "starve". But much more important is that I have to practise this shot (lob shot) extremely often in order to have it ready when needed on the round. If you don't practise this shot, it means: Hands off it.

However, I liked the Smithworks wedge with the X-grooves straight away. It took me a few strokes to adjust to the fact that the ball immediately generates maximum grip at impact and rises steeply without me having to change anything in the swing.

After a few shots, however, I was really convinced. High approach shots into the green immediately stayed "on point" or came back with backspin. This generates confidence when you know your distances with the wedges, because there is nothing worse than an uncontrollable bounce of the ball after hitting the green.

Shaft and Loft options

The wedges are only available with a steel shaft, but this should not put anyone off. Together with the renowned shaft company KBS, an extra wedge shaft was developed that guarantees easy handling.

After testing the wedge on the range and then taking it out for a round, my wife was convinced by the results. She usually plays a ladies' set with graphite shafts. However, she also wanted to test the club and was visibly surprised that she immediately got on well with it. This is despite the fact that she has always had a certain fear of a lob wedge with 60 degrees. With this in mind, it can be said that the Smithworks wedges provide maximum confidence.

The wedges are available in satin or black design in the following gradations: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees. This means that the right combination of wedges can be put together in the bag for every taste. The club is delivered with a standard grip, but there is also the option of ordering a midsize grip. However, you have to mount the grip yourself or have it mounted, as Smithworks does not offer any mounting of the grip variant.

In my opinion, an absolute recommendation to make the game into the green easier and to save some strokes on the score.

You can find the link to the online article from 123Golfsport here.
Test report from July, 25th, 2023
Author: Jens Albrecht
Photos: Jens Albrecht

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„Spin like crazy . With a 15 Hcp I had 3 times my ball spinning back, never happend before.“

Gerard T. (verified customer)

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